Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Attitude - How Do You Prepare Yourself?

Attitude. How do you prepare your attitude on a normal day?
What about when something challenging happens, that will change your life?
What do criminals do to prepare their attitude before they go and commit a crime that may leave them incarcerated for years... or forever?

I was thinking about this kind of mental preparation following watching a video this morning that was sent to me by a friend on Facebook.

What kind of mental preparation has the father in this video taken to get his attitude congruent to face the challenges in his life? I guess the video is meant to showcase the son in this, but for
me the attitude that this man cultivated throughout shines through and just leaves me speechless.

While there is a lot of 'man-bashing' going on in our societies, and talk of 'deadbeat dads' and the like, this is an inspiration to men and women alike.

See what I mean.

What a lucky kid to be born to such a man.

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Anonymous said...

After I wipe away my tears i realise that I am only giving 10% of myself to the people and situations that matter most to me.
Go on you can do anything you put your mind too. Remeber there are people out there that believe in you, you only need to listen to them and realise you CAN. - Glenn Kirkwood