Monday, April 07, 2008


For the Merchant Circle members who are connected to me, I've started a new forum called TeamCircle.

Rather than just connecting, TeamCircle is designed as a place where members can get to know each other and build some practical strategies to move their businesses forward.

Networking is a lot more than just "turning up'. With a good team and great ideas, we can build and grow our businesses with support from the team. Two heads are better than one... and the more shoulders to the wheel, the further we can all move.

If you have a business in the US and we are not yet connected, go to the site and claim your free listing, then join me and the rest of the TeamCircle members.


Membership is climbing on TeamCircle and we've opened up the network for all in our respective networks who would like to join us and add to our bank of knowledge, expertise and camaraderie!

Teamcircle started as a way to help my connected members, but it takes a combined effort to grow a network. I see TC as a Members place. I am able to help there in one place more effectively than i can do it all over the internet on a one-by-one basis. Like most networks though, there are always a few who participate and the rest who don't so hard to tell if they are getting value if they are not engaging.

The simple thing is this - much easier to support them, and promote them from a central point, we focus a little attention from a lot of people and suddenly we have traction. Boom!

Unfortunately, people are spread over 20 networks, doing nothing in any of them and getting no advantage from it. That's daft, but takes someone to bring them in one at a time for them to 'get' it I think.

Lurking is fine with me. But need some kind of activity, even if it isn't participating in discussions, though that is the best way to get to know people - and for them to get visible.

Simply - if you are active on TeamCircle we can edify you. We can promote you, and we can get more visibility online than we can individually. That means more opportunity for you.

We can retweet your interesting tweets

We can learn more about your business and you!

We can share your Services in the section for that

We can Feature you if you are active.

We can help you if you are here.

We can't do any of that if you are not here and not active.

Maybe none of that matters.

What do you think?

Click here to join us on TeamCircle

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