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Business Articles From Hunter Social Media Marketing @lindyasimus

Over on my Hunter Social Media Marketing blog I post articles that relate to
Newcastle, Hunter Valley or Australian online business issues and local studies that are released that have an impact on business engaging online, and focusing on customer needs at the local business level. Here are  some you might find of interest.

Levels Of Being Online For Your Business. 

Many people say they are "online" with their business but that doesn't tell the full story. In fact your presence online for your business will range from 0 to Level 5 - and not all levels will give you any chance at adding profit to your business and your bottom line. You can certainly make this a profit source for your business but first you have to invest and do the work. But what exactly is the work to do? This article explores the different levels and what you would be doing at each stage, so you can at last know where you are in the pecking order.
What level of being online has your business achieved? 

Business Trends To Know 
These changes are not just in marketing, they are reflected all across the business and the way that businesses must learn to operate in this age using technology and responding to the requirements of those customers they want to have spend money with them. 
Online Business - Trends you need to know about and understand

Understanding How Customers Are Finding What They Want
Customers now have a range of ways of finding good information on what they want to know and they expect to find it online! Make sure your business is helping them to find you.
Understanding Customers Expectations and Service Needs

How One Regional Business Is Using The Internet To Sell To The World
Case study:  Birdsnest ladies fashion website and store based in Cooma NSW
Selling To The World From An Australian Country Town

Blogging For Business Article Series 
Why do we need a blog if we are in business? What does it do to help me get more traffic? Where do I start if I want to begin blogging for business? What would I write about?  These are just some of the question I answer in this series on #blogging for #business

Part One:  Your Business Blog
Part Two:  Blogging for business: How do I start? 
Part Three: Blogging for business: Ideas on what to write

How To Make Your Website Work
A pretty website isn't necessarily a website that is going to work for your business or bring you new sales. But with the right tweaking your website can deliver you more sales, more enquiries from prospective customers and higher levels of conversions.
Making Your Website Work Hard And Smart For Your Business

Online Retailers Given The Drum
ABC Lateline's host Emma Alberici wrote an amazingly insightful post into the state of online retailing that outlines the real reasons that Australian customers have for shopping at overseas websites - and it is nothing to do with the GST. The reasons might surprise you. They should open your eyes.
Retail and Online Shopping In Australia 

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