Thursday, September 25, 2008

How Would You Sell Your Business?

It's a funny thing, that all the effort and marketing and promotion that goes into consulting and helping small business owners, one way or another, by consultants, and coaches and advisors and accountants... how little attention is paid to how to sell your business. And of course, how to get the best price for it!

Really, there is nothing that coaching or consulting can do to help your business as effectively as possible, without considering the potential for future sale of the business.

What are the assets to develop in the business?
What would have to happen now, in order to realise the best return on the sale of the business?
What's my business worth, and how would I calculate that?
How would I find a buyer?

The questions and more, are integral to the decisions that we make as business owners right now - even when a possible sale is years away.

Let's face it - if it isn't sale-worthy now... why would YOU want your business?

Life's too short to waste time (ie your life) toiling away in a business that isn't worth nearly what it could be.

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