Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Facebook - But Which Face?

There are miles of text written each day on the various social networking sites. Large among them, in recent times, is Facebook.

A little more social and a little less 'buttoned-up' than other networks, like LinkedIn, the question arises as to how much of "you" should you reveal in these online situations?

Anyone who has been involved in social networks online for any length of time will probably agree, that to maintain a fictitious character over time is not only going to be hard to do - it is likely to be a waste of time. People bond online, in much the same way that they may do so in a face to face situation. Simply put, the truth, whatever that is, or at least the vibe that we send out into the netosphere, if it is to be consistent over time will give you away, no matter what your intentions.

Spooky, but there you have it.

Trying to second-guess what people might like 'better' than your 'real' self, is a game for mugs.

Get out there. Be who you are when you aren't worried about it, and add something to the social networking fabric. Of course if you have nothing at all to add, you can keep that to yourself too!