Friday, November 20, 2009

What You Should Know About Social Media And Business

Let me share a a very timely article on Bnet that anyone with a business should read. Whether you're using social media, want to use social media in your business, or believe you can ignore social media in your business.  Well it is timely to me, since social media questions are becoming more and more the topic that emerges in my discussions with clients and business owners. The amount of bad information out there, and number of business owners who are either oblivious or misinformed about online matters is of much concern to me, quite frankly. I do wonder at times who they are hiring to inform them.

It still remains that many small business owners think that they don't need to be online, or that their lack of interest in computers in some way is significant to their customers!  Nope. Whether you use a computer for anything more than checking the weather, other people (people with money who are and who could be customers for your business) are using their computers for many, many things. Notably, for researching future purchase options, for one example.

Yes you need to be online.

No it doesn't need to cost a fortune.

Just because someone offers you a "deal" - if you don't understand what you are getting for your money and how to determine if this is value - or a rort - then find out before you start.

Yes it will cost something.

Getting a website is the beginning - not the end.

Guess what - online people are offline too! Bring them together.

Get to know people who understand social media, the internet and business.

Put your Learning Hat on.

Ultimately, hopping into social media will expand your ideas on what's possible.

I rather think that's a Good Thing.

Here's the link.

Eight Ways To Kill Your Social Media Strategy



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