Sunday, March 28, 2010

Local Business And Social Media

Social media and marketing using social media are the hot topics right now.
For business the potential to get into social media as a way to promote more sales and spread the word about what they do, has never been greater.

In the December Nielson survey, it was revealed that 9 Million Australians are not regularly engaging in social media with Australians leading the world in time spent online.

This video from Small Business News has some interesting insights into what small business is thinking about social media, in the US. Australian business is perhaps somewhere behind in thinking about social media, but many of the insights will be a fit for our Australian local business market.

Businesses Adopting Social Media At A Greater Rate

And here's an intro to social media slideshow I created for a recent business presentation.

Getting onto online networking is something I'm all for... and yet to do so without a strategy is asking for a poor result. Like anything you do in business (or life for that matter!), it's going to have a better chance of creating a good result, if it is done with some purpose in mind, and with mind to all the areas you need to cover off on, to ensure that your plan is carried out in such a way as to get you a good result.

You know that when something becomes a news item, there is often a stampede by people with no clue and much hide, who will take it as an opportunity to fleece the unsuspecting. Social media is no different. And it's no different from what you know already about life in general. There are no free lunches, there are no quick ways to make money by doing nothing. If you want to make use of social media to promote your business, it will cost you money, it will cost you (or someone you pay) time, and it will mean reviewing your business overall to get the right fit and to ensure that you are delivering on your promises.

In fact that's a good reason to investigate social media now. It may be part of the way to replace money you're spending on strategies that have no capacity to work.

Start to research the topic online. Look for help from people who are in that market and will be able to give you the right information, in the right context, and who have an online reputation to protect.

Have you thought about social media for your business?

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Saturday, March 27, 2010


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Thinking Of Getting A Business Coach?
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Monday, March 01, 2010

Social Media And Your Business

Have you thought about social media and your business yet? Here's an introduction that I created. If you'd like to discuss your business strategy contact me to arrange a chat.