Saturday, April 06, 2013

Make Your Retail Store Irresistible To Customers

We see a lot of concern and grumbling from retail store owners and other business operators complaining about business being slow and yet in many countries we also see those same business owners doing little in the way of enticing customers to come into their store and attract their attention with charming and alluring displays to pique their interest.

Here are some I love.  They are creative, they are fun and they hold promise to the customer of abundance and satisfaction for the person who walks into their space. Here are some that just call you in to see more...

Restaurant - Paris, France

Here is a restaurant that just screams that they use traditional methods of cooking and fresh ingredients. No frozen stuff whacked in the microwave here! 

High end handbag store in Rome, Italy
This life size child's antique horse is just a splendid thing to see and speaks to a time long gone, of hand made quality and artisan products that will last forever and be worth any amount of money you spend on it.

Ancient village shopping precinct - France

No acres of glass here. No turnstiles and no automatic doors. That sign though, says "we're here for you and this is what we do." Nothing more, nothing less. No "SALE! SALE! SALE!" signs here.

Florist beckons with a charming floral entrance 

Like a walk in a garden this florist shop even smells of freshness and beauty you can take home to make your house come alive.

Menswear Store - Rome Italy
This clothing store leaves no doubt that the winter stock is in and they have wonderful products to keep you toasty warm in the chilly months.

Supermarket peach from Sorrento, Italy
This peach, the size of a cricket ball was selected from a box of the ugliest, misshapen and odd assortment of sizes imaginable. It was delicious! A real peach. Not the perfectly standard size and shape peaches that I see in every Australian supermarket - that are hard as rock when you buy them and bruised beyond use when they ripen, and even then are flavour-less.

This peach ... I would go back to the store every day to buy more just like it. The others with no flavour but perfect in form? No thanks. See how our expectations drive our purchases. If my experience leads me to expect disappointment, I stop buying.

Produce store Sorrento Italy
Some shopkeepers don't even wait for you to come into the store - they bring the store out to you. Local produce, fresh, not kept in cold storage, turned over from the farm every day.

Shoppers want to visit stores that are interesting. That look welcoming and that provide the items to purchase that they expect to be able to get from such a store, and to have interesting things to find that are unexpected.  They want to pay a fair price for it - not more than the shop next door and they want to feel like their patronage is appreciated.

The same applies to online shopping. That old website that you had made in 2001 with the shadow text and the animated buttons? No that just won't do. Your website needs to work for customers to use the way they shop in 2013. That means that it renders easily and cleanly on smartphones and tablets as well as computers.


Look around at other businesses - not just in the same industry as yours. Which shops do you find appealing and draw you in... and what are they doing that is causing you to want to go in there? Identify that.

Take an objective look at your business as it looks through the eyes of a customer.

Get feedback on how your store is presenting.

Is it enticing to customers?
Is the footpath dirty and littered?
Are the windows clean and well laid out?
Is there anything interesting to see and pull people into the shop to look more closely?

And remember to do the same for your online website, your blog and your social media platforms.

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4 comments: said...

Lindy...just found you blog, loved this article. Inspired me to get blogging again. here's mine

lindyasimus said...

So glad you did Kevin! Check out some of the others you might find them useful too.

I will be checking out your blog!

BTW - we must arrange that coffee!

Teddy Towncrier said...

and have a large QR code pasted on the window to enable the interested to "Click & Browse" your on-line store at the height of their interest.

lindyasimus said...

Thanks Teddy yes that too - many ways to drive people to you store on Main Street - but that takes some proactive planning and activity from the store owner.