Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Business Coaching Articles Catch Up

Looking at this blog I can see it looks like I  have been quite remiss in updating the posts. Truth is I have been writing some for another blog in the UK to which I contribute so here is a quick way to catch up if you would like to read more business articles. 

I will get back to posting here but for now check out these articles which have been on topics that have been figuring large in the real space lately, for business clients. Feedback welcome as always. 

Articles are on business topics ranging from managing your business through online marketing and managing your stress through focus on the things you can change.

Top 4 Online Marketing Myths

There is a growing trend for small businesses to be turning up on Facebook and Twitter and making an effort towards building numbers of followers.  Social Media we are told is ‘where it is at’ and you need to be there. There is also a growing trend …Read more

Resolve Versus Wishful Thinking

How are those resolutions going that you set at the start of the year? Time to revisit your resolutions and see what worked and what didn't. Or make some fresh goals and reach them. Sometimes we set resolutions without any real resolve at all and …Read more

How To Grow Your Sales Channels 

Many a business that is in wholesale and maybe retail too, is plodding along doing a nice trade. Things are working pretty smoothly and money is coming in every month.  Some may be worrying about the economy or other issues that are not in their …  Read more 

Good Businesses Manage This First

Every day it seems we have the media intent on stirring up issues just to sell newspapers or a point of view. But as I watch articles posted on business websites showing the latest businesses to go bust it is clear that the articles showing the … Read more

9 Ways Your Website Can Help Visitors

“I don’t do any marketing because my business comes from word-of-mouth so I don’t really have anything on my website” This was the proposition put to me recently by a professional after confessing their website was really just their 'business card …Read more

Content Marketing For Local Business

Anyone searching online for marketing information will have seen that Content Marketing is the hot topic now. But what does it mean? Content Marketing is a term that covers creation of worthwhile information and ideas to share for the purpose of …Read more

Go From Faking It To Making It

Have you ever felt like an impostor? You’re off to work and you’re doing your thing you have done a thousand times but that little voice is whispering “someone’s going to find you out soon as the fake you are”. Psychologists, who rather like to … Read more

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