Thursday, June 17, 2010

What A Business Coach Isn't - Or Shouldn't Be

It can be hard to know how others see the things that we see. This is particularly so when the topic is something we are close to, like our work.

Over some time I have heard it said more than once, that it is hard to refer a business coach to another business. I'm not sure why. From my own perspective, it should be the single most easy business to which one can refer. So when I heard this said yesterday by someone I just met, a member of a different BNI chapter than that to which I belong, I was intrigued, and asked him what he thought the reason was for that difficulty. His response was quite brilliant, and heartfelt, and I thank him very much for sharing this with me, because it would not have occurred to me in a lifetime. He said "It's like your wife telling you what to do in your business..."

My initial thought when I heard that was bewilderment. As I thought about it more I realised I was not entirely surprised, because it forms part of that great misunderstanding around coaching (well deserved, probably), that some have, which goes something like "If I need a coach... then I must be bad at what I do and that means that getting a coach would mean I am a failure." Of course this is utter nonsense and the most likely business owner who will hire a coach to help them in their business, is very good at what they do, have - or will have - a very successful business and are clear and determined enough to do so. They are able to see very well what they do well,and importantly, what they don't do so well. Unlike "the wife telling you what to do" a good business coach will find out what it is that you want... and help you determine how to get that, and support you on the journey.

But it brings me back to the same problem that coaches face, namely identifying those people who are in a place where they know they have issues in their business they would like to improve, but don't know where to find the help they need to do so.

Friends, colleagues and business aquaintances who know them are in the prime position to help them to access the help they need. A referral to a business coach is one step toward that. Will the business owner hire the coach? Well that should depend on the result of any meeting they have with that coach. Coaching is a profession that requires some close work with clients and not all people are a match. Not all coaches are the same, and the help that the client is seeking needs to be a fit with the skills and knowlege and areas of experience of the coach in question. This fit is only something that the client (and the coach) can know when it is right. Referring a business owner for a meeting to find out if this is the match that is right for them, is a great gift to bestow on a friend.

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