Saturday, May 20, 2006

One Great Idea ...Just One!

Well maybe I'm easily satisfied. No, that's not true. But I'd settle for even one great change happening for everyone who attends a seminar or a workshop or training of some kind. Frankly it's getting to the point where I begin to wonder if ANYONE is doing anything different following attendance at these events that are supposedly going to bring change and innovation to how someone works in their business. Or in their personal life, for that matter. And so I got to thinking, well, maybe there is a way to test it out. Of course, this won't matter to anyone who is adapting and stretching their experience at every turn. And if that's you, write me and tell us all your secret. That Ol' Devil Inertia seems to be very busy these days!

So I'm throwing out the challenge. If you've attended seminars and workshops and seen lots of great stuff that you wanted to do, but never did... write me and tell me all about your One Great Idea and I'll help you put it into practice. No charge. Think of it as my gift. Really. I hate to think that people languish and remain stuck in the one position for lack of a hand to help out.

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