Friday, May 11, 2007

What I Choose, Is What I Am.

This week has turned into my week for remembering that Positive Expectancy as a way of operating in business and life is not a univeral point of view. Not yet anyway! It occurs to me that it is also another aspect that fits, hand-in-glove, with understanding that we create our own reality. That's an unpopular idea with many people, I realize. It is however, the only position that gives one control over our own outcomes and empowers us to move forward, no matter what happens. Far more flexible (and therefore useful) than playing "victim" and reducing our responses to cowering and moaning when things don't go the way we prefer.

I've a quotation that I favour, so much in fact that I have it printed and posted in my office. It has no attribution for author and I have been unable to find a source for it so far. In any case, it is this:

My position in life
is equal to the sum
of all the decisions
I have made,
Or allowed
to make for me.

What I choose
is what I am.

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