Saturday, January 19, 2008

Positively World View

In a forum recently, the comment was made:

>> "People can be "led" but never totally willingly - the human spirit will always seek the light."

Interesting belief.

I wonder if it is true.

I see many people who are totally willing to be led. Indeed, I see many people who almost demand to be led... and angry when they are not. I see people who will willingly follow the silliest fad or self proclaimed "guru" without hesitation.

"He/She's So Spiritchooalll" Ooooohhhh!

We can be careful to flavour our own "World View" without help from others... I think, only if we are able to know that we have no view that is quarantined from others. Our beliefs, our values, everything we hold an opinion on, or observe in the world, is through the prism of how other people view the world, and have passed those ideas to us , one way or another - either to accept or to reject. Precisely because we don't live in a vacuum.

The way to "being careful", when formulating a world view, may be to acknowledge the influences that we've had, and choose to select and de-select, those that we prefer. The rub, therein, is that we can't lay the blame on others, if we knowingly choose our own path and viewpoint from which to see the world.

What we choose to notice.
What we chose to not notice.
How we 'weight' the evidence, one way or another.

A work in progress, indeed.

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