Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Website Magazine : Landing Pages: SEO vs. SEM

"How do you get people to go to your website?"

That's the $64,000 question. This article explores the difference between being found on the organic searches because of the content, and paid internet advertisements, such as Google Adwords.

Nice examples of how each work, and the differences.

Website Magazine : Landing Pages: SEO vs. SEM

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Teddy Towncrier said...

SEO and SEM while essential and deserving of a great deal of focus; Are really only a small part of the customer nourishment process and by relying on them solely; The cream is left behind.

The solution needed should be "How do I build a relationship with this visitor that is mutually rewarding and long lasting?" and here's where the vast majority of web pages fall flat.

The usual reason is that pages are created by designers when they should be created by a marketing specialist with a clear vision of what you would like the visitor to do and with the designer under your marketing director's direction. (Frequently the owner is not aware that the cream is being left behind).

Whether your 'store' is conventional premises or in cyberspace; It costs serious money to get a visitor to start asking questions and unless there's a process for easy, initial and continued contact ..... You're strangling your business and are systematically shredding $100 bills.

Notice how Lindy has kicked her door wide open and rolled out the red carpet with a "Chat Here" link?

Even the barest customer coddling process has the capability of doubling revenues from existing marketing. Add a few more carefully implemented, simple tweaks and even a plain vanilla "About Us" page can easily be transformed into a non-stop marketing machine.

Towncrier has a complimentary report that goes into this in much more detail and I would be glad to send it to you. Just click the link below and It will soon be on it's way.

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