Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thou shalt be attractive - Michael Leunig - Opinion -

Michael Leunig looks at the modern curse - Be Attractive Or Be Nothing.

Style over substance? It seems to extend beyond mere physical looks.

Mortgages given to people with no capacity to pay once the 'honeymoon' rate reverts to normal. What were the banks thinking?

"That's how much it costs..." is not equivalent, when making a purchase, to "That's what I can afford."... No matter how much we might want something.

Is humankind really becoming so shallow? Is there potential for this to turn around some day?

"It is difficult to imagine any time in history when so many people claiming to be so free have lived in so much fear of being unattractive." - Michael Leunig

Thou shalt be attractive - Michael Leunig - Opinion -

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