Saturday, June 14, 2008

Relationships and Online Social Networks. Value?

Much is being written in the various networks and blogoshere on the different social media, so-called businesss social media and how valuable each may be - and indeed if there is any difference at all. I maintain that without social interaction, there can BE no business networking of any substance. Here's an interesting blog from Dosh Dosh on the topic, worth reading.

The strength of lifestreaming services lies in their ability to help you develop persistence in relationships, which itself will enable you to gradually build a network of people around you. These are individuals who’ll provide you with feedback, information, conversation, empathy as well as support for your present or future initiatives/goals.

Lifestreaming makes it easy for a group of people to be informed of your opinions and events in your personal life. It’s like taking up a phone and calling a few hundred people at once. It’s effortless to talk to many people through Twitter/Plurk as well and using these services not only strengthens your existing relationships but broadens the range of people you can know.

When it comes to ROI, we often instinctively know what is most important and hence worth pursuing. We are interested in developing strong relationships with others that share similar interests/goals. Hence, some of us return to these sites again and again.

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