Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Focus Before Goals

The new year is a notorius time for people to talk about resolutions and think about setting goals for the year ahead. Often people jump into thinking about goals without spending time thinking about:

1) What they want
2) What purpose it serves
3) What the potential downside might be, to getting that goal.

Which is to say, that getting one goal is not much good... if it means that the really important outcomes you want, are jeopardised by you getting that. Let me give you an example. A business goal could be, with good intentions, to reduce expenses within the company. Now if this is achieved, but at the cost of funding ongoing and systematic marketing plans for the business, then the goal can be achieved, and the health of the business be at peril, in the process.

So getting the mix right, and maintaining good ecology with setting goals and implementing a system to achieve them must have at the outset, good clearly defined parameters about what the person wants to achieve in a more global context, long before refining down to the individual goals that may be set as a means to achieve that broader outcome.

It doesn't matter whether we are setting personal goals, family goals, or goals for our business. Understanding and clearly articulating our purpose in setting our goals, can make all the difference and let us achieve just what we set out to do. By setting our goals with a consistent purpose in mind, it allows us to focus in a way that aligns our actions with our objectives, across a range of contexts. That's a healthy way to set goals, and allows more scope for really being motivated to achieve, and be happy with the results when they come.

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