Sunday, July 25, 2010

Social Media For Business Survey

Social Media and the way the online world works is a hot topic right now but for many business owners it remains a bit of a mystery and can seem like an overwhelming proposition for a small business to start to use as a regular part of their operating strategy.

Is it good for business?

Do you know if your website is working for you, as well as it might?

What do you believe about how social media will affect your business?

Rather than guess what business owners are thinking, I've set up a survey so you can tell me what you think about social media and your local business, and more importantly, have your say about what worries you or excites you or has you a bit confused about the whole thing.

I welcome your feedback and I will be posting the results when I have a good sample of responses. Please pass this link to any business owners you know who have expressed an interest or are confused about social media and business so they can air those concerns too.

 Go To Social Media For Business Survey

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