Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Social Media For Business Survey 2011

Thanks for helping. I'm looking forward to seeing if there are changes from this survey results from 2010.
Please send this link  to your friends too!

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Paul Hassing said...

Jolly good survey. Really well put together. And not too long! Good luck with the results! Best regards, Paul. :)

lindyasimus said...

Thanks Paul. The more responses the better. Here is the result from the same survey last August.

Mahei said...

Good luck Lindy! Just replied to your survey.


lindyasimus said...

Excellent, Mahei! The more the merrier. Of course one problem with an online survey... the people not online much are the ones that really have the story that I'd like to unfold with the results. A good mix would be excellent. With our networks online we tend to experience a little selection bias toward being tech users.

Tony Hollingsworth said...

Well done Lindy for putting this together. Look forward to hearing the results.

lindyasimus said...

Thanks Tony appreciate your support and if you have business people who could add a response that would be great. Hard to get good feedback from owners who don't network online heavily like we do.