Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tying Shoe Laces Masterclass

Things are easy when you know how - but sometimes it can be tricky to get to the stage where we are able to do things automatically.

When you have children you discover there are quite a few things that present some new experiences which can take a while to be mastered. Tying shoe laces is one. Now you don't want your kids growing up to be adults who are forced into confining their footwear to just velcro fasteners or slip-on loafers so here are some ideas to help you help them get started on the right foot.

Both of these videos share a common element. They help address that issue of keeping the loops available while the rest of the process is undertaken.

This first video makes the role of the loops prominent... a good start. Maybe you can improvise something for holding the loops in place.

This second video is a bit more basic but does the job.

Test them out. These are two different strategies to accomplish the same end result.
How does your strategy that you've been using for this compare?


The real take-away lesson from this is that there are all kinds of strategies that people use for doing common tasks. Sometimes we have a great strategy that works a treat. If you have one of those for something, share it. But if you have been using strategies that aren't working so well for some things, it is great to know that you just need to find a better strategy. Maybe one that someone else might be using already, and try that. See if that gives you better results and know that you can get better at doing most anything, if you find a good strategy to use.

What's something that you wish you could do better or more elegantly?

Test yourself out and see how you can use a new strategy to master that skill at last.

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