Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Business In Hiding Online

Almost every day I am checking out websites for businesses. If I meet someone or an enquiry comes in for coaching or help with a Facebook page, or other social media or marketing issue, I check out their website.

What Does Your Business Present Like Online? 

I check it out first to see if I can find it by their category of what they do.

Then I check it to see how it looks to me as a potential customer. Does it make them look like they know what they are doing and presents them as professional in their manner, or amateur? Are the images real or stock photos? Are they well shot or dark and impossible to see clearly?

Then I look 'in the back' to see what it looks like for Google.

After that, I check to see if basic contact information is easy to find.  Do the links work? Are their social media platforms connected? Are they updated? Do they even have any?

And then I check to see what position it has in Google search for the category of business they are in for their location.

Professional Pride And Your Website 

As you might have guessed, by now, a great many businesses don't rate very highly on the basic performance of their website and online presence.

I don't get it.

Making your business present well online is not about a website. It is a matter of professional pride in your work and your attention to detail within your business. Hell, it is a matter of sales, sales conversions and ultimately about profit and loss.

You'd Never Do This In Business 

Business owners who would never dream of  leaving a pile of junk in the front of the building, with filthy windows, looking messy and discouraging people from using their business, will do just that when it comes to their website.

And they would never dream of not putting a sign out to say they are there, or not show their address on their advertising. Yet they will do exactly that with the biggest environment available for potential customers to find their business. The web.

Can't afford to get help to fix your website and make sure your business looks the best option for customers?

The reality? This is one of the costs of doing business. Like paying the electricity , or keeping you suppliers paid. You can't afford to continue to not fix it.

If you're willing but not sure how, give me a call.

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