Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Life Coaching Articles

Apart from my personal blogs I also contribute to a popular UK women's blog Birds On The Blog.  I write on business and life coaching topics and I thought I'd post a collection of some recent articles on personal coaching topics to share with you here. 

A healthy relationship with money can make for a much easier life in the long term. Do you really understand your beliefs around money?

Beliefs about money - here's an exercise you can use

It surprises me that even now I still see people claiming that Twitter is all about people saying what they had for breakfast. Twitter reflects who we choose to follow and what level of engagement we bring to that platform. We pick it. We can change it whenever we like. 

Our relationships too, don't just happen. We have the freedom to make of them what we will... 

Marriage is like Twitter... pick the experience you want to have with it.

The future is not yet written but its easy for us to predict the worst and plant all the things we don't want to happen as being in our future.  A better idea is to develop a future with memories you want to make happen! 

Live the future you want - Making future memories now

We love to work to become expert in what we do. But not matter how experienced we are, when the paradigm shifts and the way things get done we all go back to being beginners and face the challenge to learn the new ways... 

From expert back to beginner again

Single mothers can face a lot of bad feelings and judgment by people who don't know them. Not all single mothers are unmarried teenagers or a menace to society but that's often the message that we get about these women raising their children alone... 

Spare a kind thought for the single mother

Life is neither good nor bad but we can look at it as though it is. We can expect the best to happen, or the worst. Life doesn't care, but the effect on the choices we make, and the way we feel can be affected dramatically by how we view the world. The good news is that you have the ability to alter these frames ...

Optimism, pessimism and finding a realistic frame to see life through

Internal dialogue is that internal 'voice' that tells us we can do something- or we can't. It can help us or it can keep us down and afraid to try new things, or hope too much. You can use it to help you. Here's how...

Lies we tell ourselves ... Mastering Self Talk

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