What Is The ActionBites Blog About? 

I thought about writing a blog and I wondered, what would be a good way to use my blog as a
way to help people find resources, ideas and learn about things that would help them in their business or personal life or both. This is it and I hope you find the posts interesting and informative.

Lindy Asimus - Business Coaching
Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm based in Newcastle NSW Australia  and would love to
hear from you if you would like me to work with you.

Ongoing coaching or one-off projects just let me know if you have something you'd like a hand with.

Coaching Programs

Coaching is available as a full program, or for special needs, or social media for business coaching using Twitter and Facebook to integrate into your regular conventional marketing as required.

Whether you are looking for an ongoing coaching program or prefer to have a 'test drive' we should first have a chat and discuss the issues that you'd like to work on, so that an appropriate solution can be developed.

In-Person Business and Life Coaching Services are available  Newcastle, Nelson Bay, Maitland, Charlestown and all suburbs. Call 61 + (0) 403 365 855
Sydney and interstate by arrangement.
Online coaching services are available in all locations.

Australian Business Coach  |  Phone and internet coaching anywhere  |  Social Media Training
Social Media Management | Blogging Training | Life Coaching

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Not quite ready for a full coaching program? 
Try a one off casual coaching session as and when  you need to get clear on something that has you stuck. Call me on 0403 365 855 to learn more.