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Whether you are looking for a solution for business coaching, personal coaching or social media and marketing online. 

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Call 0403 365 855 or text a message with your name and number or fill out the handy form at the side of the blog and I'll call you back! 


Services Include:

Business coaching, business planning, procedures and policies updating, business strategic direction, Vision and Values, marketing or sales training and implementation and just getting better organised. A sounding board outside of the business can give you a new perspective and angle on those things you've been caught up in because you are so close to the business. 

Projects - Clients often have a pet project they have in mind to implement and need help to work out the details. 

Personal coaching, setting well-formed goals, soft skills development, personal blocks, better time management, communication skills, and emotional intelligence.

Social Media Marketing - Inbound marketing and incorporation of business and social platforms - Facebook for business,  Twitter & Pinterest for business, Content and context marketing, Linkedin for business, blogging for business. 

Training  or  management is available as well as content creation if you need help with this. 

Something else you would like help with? Try me! 

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