Thursday, July 03, 2008

An Open Letter To The Small Business Owner

It has come to my attention over the years, moreover and in such a manner in recent days, that it seems but fitting to address some issues which have been seemingly passed-over by many and in such case, as has allowed certain assumptions to go without challenge, in the world of small business and those who would run one.

This letter seeks to address but some few of these issues, but issues nonetheless, that need some light shone upon them, in the interests of the health of small business, the sake of the customers that small business serves, and the staff who are tasked to work therein.

In short, it is for the benefit of everyone, since our society is built on the back of, and needs to maintain, a healthy and vigorous and profitable small business sector.

1 Your Customers Are The Biggest Asset In Your Business

2 Serving Your Customers Is The Essence From Which Will Spring The Health And Prosperity Of Your Business

3 You Cannot Serve Your Customers Superbly When Your Business Has No Standard For Procedures And Policies

4 Your Business Will Stumble Until Your Systemize And Streamline Procedures, Responsibilities, Accountabilities And Processes.

5 Your Staff Is (Or Should Be) The Other Single Greatest Asset In Your Business.

6 Your Staff Cannot Be The Best They Can Be...If You Fail To Provide Them With The Instruction, Skills And Feedback They Need To Do So.

7 If You Are Indeed, The Best Worker In Your Business, You Are Failing Your Staff, Your Customers And Your Business.

Consider these points carefully. If they apply to your business, then you have the power to do something about correcting them.

Please do so. For the sake of us all.

Thinking Of Getting A Business Coach?
Lindy Asimus

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