Thursday, July 17, 2008

Where the Hell Is ...Your Viral VIdeo?

Have to love this social networking stuff. A query from Twitter prompted me to go looking for Top 20 viral videos

Of course that's where I found Matt's video (below), showing his travels around the world and showing us how entertaining a simple idea can be.

Business can become very boring and serious. Well, at least that's how some like to think that presenting a professional image must be. I don't believe it. Let me see who is having fun and doing some great work and innovating in different ways that I might like to emulate in some way to repurpose into another context.

Are we having fun yet?

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Lindy Asimus

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This was far from boring - BRILLIANT! ;)

Teddy Towncrier said...

10 million views in just over 2 years .... I could live with that.

I also heard he's picking up huge speaking fees, too.

A bigger performer is   The Popcorn Hoax  Which has enjoyed 6.5 million views in just 2 months.

What amazes me is that the popcorn hoax was created by an Ad Agency yet there's no word of attribution to be seen anywhere.

Video is picking up steam like crazy and soon pages without video will be "Old boots".

See "Is there a place for Video in your family business?" in Towncrier's Blog


lindyasimus said...

I'm rather more interested in the presentation of an idea and the traction that it gains, than actually worrying about how many squillions of clicks it gets. That it gains momentum at all, is probably more important from a business point of view. Being positioned to generate some critical mass so far as views go, is a great sign that you've achieved something interesting... and that you've enough connections to really begin taking your content provision seriously.