Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stress Free Business Ownership

Working with a new client invariably begins with a review of the current processes in the business and a kind of stocktake of what's working, what's not working so well, and what's not even on the list of things that happen in the business, but should be.

So what are some of the elements that can be adding stress to owning a business?

Here are some that most commonly affect business owners.

No clear systems in place.

No definition to roles - no position description outlining the tasks and how to do them.

No clear chain of command.

No written policies to say "this is what we do when X happens"

No clear guide to productivity expectations.

Lack of clear and open communication between management and owners and staff.

Poor attitude to the relationships between management, owners and staff.

Lack of good financial reporting strategies, resulting in poor management of the finances within the business.

Pricing done without fully understanding and taking into consideration the cost of goods and the costs associated with their sale.

Inadequate accounting advice

No real marketing plan.

Right things getting done for the wrong reasons.

Wrong things getting done for the wrong reasons.

No real vision for the future of the business, and no shared goals for the staff and management and owners to strive toward.

These issues wear many different faces, but they often come down to a few basic principles. Getting organised in your life and in your business is a great start to getting free of the unnecessary stress that can take over our life.

What about you? Have you struggled with some of these issues in your business?

What issues have you struggled with in your business that stressed you the most?


The means to automate all of these elements in business is now available for you to get control over your business. Email me to find how you can. - Lindy

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Anonymous said...

There is some very helpful advice here. While some might seem straight forward enough, a surpising number of people neglect these issues.

lindyasimus said...

Simple and straightforward... and a whole lot of work to do to implement. Most especially, it requires the Will to do it, and the willingness to put resources into it.

Comp. said...

Great post and there is some good advice written here. I will have to get to work and see if i can apply this to my life as well.