Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year Surf's Up In The Twitstream

A new year and a new discovery. I've been getting to enjoy Twitter for a little while now. And probably mostly because of the ability to see what's on the minds of people with whom I share this great internet experience. Topics come and go and it is an interesting thing to me to be able to observe the array of opinions and perspectives on world events, and even the minutiae of daily life. Being a long time fan of the Observer's View, this digital 'bush telegraph' suits me fine.

Enter and we have party time at the Twitterer's Ball. What a noise we make! Tweets flying on the subject #Happy09 as the virtual meeting room is designated. No idea really how all those independent tweets wind up in a common twitstream but it is very impressive I will say. And now we've created one for #Teamcircle.

I feel like Linda Ronstadt singing to Aaron Neville. "I don't know much... but I know I love you..."

That may be all I need to know.

Thanks to all the new people I've met as a result of #Happy09. I look forward to connecting with you on many levels in the times to come.

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dianeclancy said...

Hi Lindy -

I have gone to that a few times - made an account. But then it says to enter a room - and I have no clue then!!

Any help for this? Thanks!

Also you had mentioned Mindmapping (thank you for your comment) ... and I was wondering what that is.

~ Diane Clancy

lindyasimus said...

Hi Diane. You can go to #Happy09 chat by using that name as the room name.

Here is a link to a mindmapping resource that I've posted to the forum on TeamCircle about in the Links section.
Let me know if you need more.