Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sell Your Blood Or Improve Your Business?

A somewhat disturbing item and rather styled as one of those 'Only In America' stories this morning was the broadcast on ABC radio bringing us the news of the great increase in people searching online for websites offering advice on How To Sell Your Blood For Money. We are told that this can be lucrative with long term capacity for picking up a cool $40 - $50 per week if one is inclined to donate blood twice a week.

As a means of regular financial support, I can only think that this has definite limitations as an ongoing strategy.

Of course in Australia, we have no such entrepreneurial opportunity, since blood donations are made freely with no recompense, aside from a glass of orange juice and a warm and fuzzy feeling of having contributed to society. A pay-it-forward gesture perhaps, with the hope that others may do the same one day and help those that we love who may be caught in circumstances where the precious fluid is most needed.

The news made me wonder though, not for the first time, just what it takes for some people in business to take a hard look at their business and really assess what it is that they are not doing in their business, that the business needs to have done, to make it as successful and profitable - and of the highest value possible - that they can.

Getting business owners to look at their business objectively can seem to be harder than getting them to squeeze blood from a stone.

What about you? What's your 'last resort' action when it comes to getting some action in your business?

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