Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can I Afford A Business Coach?

I was asked a question today on another forum and thought I'd add it to this blog, since it is a question of a general nature and is one that I believe many people - especially now - may be wondering.

Please add your comments if you feel so inclined.

Feedback as always, is appreciated.


How does a business that is trying to fight our terrible economy afford a business coaches services.


In reply to your question, I've pondered this for some time because I think it deserves a well-considered answer.

You are right, it is a terrible economic time that we are now in. And it will continue to be so for quite a long time to come. This is not a negatve comment by either you or me, simply an observation. It is well that we prepare for what is coming and do what we can to get through this.

Make no mistake though. Some people, and some businesses, as they have in every other recession, will do well in this downturn. Who that will be remains to be seen.

Business owners work with a coach, not because they want to work with a coach, but because they want to achieve something that they have been unable to do alone.

So one way to rephrase your question might be to ask:

How does a business afford:

A systemized business that works at peak efficiency.

Operational procedures that are documented and ensure that anyone in the business can know how to do that task.

A clear vision for the business that everyone within the business understands and is working to achieve.

Good control of the financial elements of the business

A business plan that incorporates an overall strategy for the business and includes

A marketing plan and a customer service system for delivery and operational plan that ensures that output is maximized.

Comprehensive management practices that ensure good recruiting, training and performance management of employees.

A concise understanding of the value of the business - and tuned to achieve maximum 'sale-ready' potential return.

To name a few items.

My question is this.

In good times, but especially in terrible economic times...

How does a business afford NOT to have these?

In answer to your second question, yes, there is always "more than one way to skin a cat!" ;-)

I'm currently considering a few ideas as to how to make a low cost option available for some small groups. I'd be happy to discuss this with anyone interested working through some ideas on how we might do that.

For a no cost option, this is basically why I started TeamCircle to provide assistance to my network in the fastest and easiest way that I know to make myself accessible. There is help there to all who ask for it.

Of course coaching comes in a range of prices and indeed, a range of services provided. The price may depend on the scope of the work required. For some, one-off items like marketing letters and the like, might be a start to more formal coaching.

Either way, the first step is to take a step. Ask some questions.

I met with a new client today, who sells bottled spring water (water-cooler type) He told me that customers are suprised at how little it costs. Business coaching is a bit like that. If you can engage a coach for a period of say, three months - the cost over a year may be quite modest.

And who knows. Maybe there is room to Request A Deal. ;-)




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