Saturday, April 04, 2009

Your Selection Criteria. What's Most Important?

Did you know, we all have a Selection Criteria. In other words, a list of elements that we either consciously, or mostly without realising it, work through when we make a selection, or a decison. We choose this - but not that - based on what meets the satisfaction of the criterion against which we are checking.

This is a handy thing to know, as it allows us to learn to know our own mind better and to have an understanding of why we do what we do, and make the choices we make, and moreover, it allows us, if our usual strategy is yielding results not in line with those we would prefer, to find a better strategy and use that. Copy the strategy of someone we know makes good decisions that we admire, or work out a strategy that is more in line with our own core values. (Here's the sticky part: You need to know what they are!).

For some people, a priority in making a purchase might be overwhelmingly a visual criteria - it must look 'right' in respect to style, colour, shape, etc. Yet others may need to know that it is nice to touch, or has a texture or finish that is as desired, or it may (as in my case), need to fit a range of things, revolving form, function, and technical specifications. For others, they don't know but it just Feels Like The Right Thing.

For yet other people it is nothing to do with the object for purchase, so much as The Thrill Of The Bargain! Here's a demonstration, of an individual who is well understanding of what his primary selection driver is: Price.

Is price alone a good basis for selection? It is certainly a popular one! Many people will make all kinds of decisions based on price alone. You be the judge.

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Teddy Towncrier said...

Thanks for this Lindy.

Valuable insights for when my team starts leaning on me for perks.