Monday, May 31, 2010

Documents To Download - Great For Business

Lots of businesses often have limited access to good quality documents when it comes to creating a new contract, or even knowing how to work through a process, particularly one that needs to be binding. I've seen clients billed thousands of dollars for a lawyer to draft them a document and then turn up with something that is obvioiusly a template they pulled off the shelf and didn't even bother to personalise to the needs of the business. Outrageous, and it happens.

So I was really impressed when I met Steve Irons and saw the depth of material available easily and quickly for download. While there may be cases where you still want a lawyer to sign-off on a contract, this is a great resource for you to access documents and tailor them to your need, and then if necessary, just get the lawyer to vet them before finalising (a lot cheaper!).

There are lots of free documents too and not all are of a legal nature, but many are on topics that you may not have considered, but really do need to have covered off in your business.

You can check out the vast array of documents for individuals, business, and even Non-Profits at As a special deal for my readers, I've affiliated with DocDownload and arranged a discount for you which you'll get if you use the Promo Code: dbemem5

All documents are professionally written and are extremely comprehensive in their scope. This is a great service and well worth checking out. Oh and if you represent an Association, contact me about the special rate I've brokered for large groups.

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