Sunday, May 02, 2010

Why Coaching Is Great For Business

Many family businesses run into the issue of complexity getting in the way of doing what the owner likes to do. Often started as a technical ability the owner has, the business grows up around that skill, and suddenly the owner is not using their technical skills, but now running a business, which many have never trained to do.

Instead of doing the work they love, owners can be burdened with adminitration tasks, employee management, purchasing and financial juggling. customer demands and on and on it goes.

This can be very stressful for the owner, and everyone associated with it. The owner is trying to manage, sometimes not very successfully, but rarely are they leading, which is really what the business needs.

By assessing the current situation with the owner it often becomes clear that there are parts of the business that are just left not well managed, simply because the owner may not have the skills to cover that area. There can be a lack of overall strategy and vision for the business, with the owner instead, 'putting out fires' all day long and just trying to keep up.

Where coaching helps the client and the business, is by creating a way for the owner to see his business from a new perspective and to get clarity and separate the day-to-day issues, from the structural issues, so that improvements and a more streamlined system can be adapted to suit. A system which takes all the best parts of what is happening in the business already, and sets a clear path to improving those 'no go' areas that the business needs to have addressed, but which have been just 'too hard' and put aside.

What we know is that people operate at peak efficiency when they are doing what they love. This is important for a business, so freeing the owner up to do what they love and having the employees more productive, better organized and clear on their responsibilities, with the resources they need to accomplish their tasks, makes for less stress all around, happier customers, better financial outcomes and a business that is more valuable to sell.

Now that's a great example of why coaching is not just great for business... it is fantastic for business!

Have you ever struggled with issues like this in your business?
I'd love to read your stories.

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