Monday, February 20, 2012

Two Ways Your Website Works For You.

SEO is like putting a line in the water to go fishing.  Social Media can drive visitors to your website.

"If you're not online it's like you don't exist!"
 ~ Workshop attendee on business

Do you want potential customers to know about your business and find you?
If the answer is yes -
•    You need to understand these things.
•    You need to communicate these things in your actions.

•    Articulate who you are and what you do;
•    how you do it and
•    The reason that I (customer) want buy from you first.

Once you can articulate these things, then you need work out the best way to present this information online.You'll need good content written to communicate your core message and good layout to make it easy for visitors to your site to find the information they need and importantly - the key messages you want them to know about.

Two Ways Your Website Works For You

2 Methods – Passive and Active
Fishing – Search engine and people optimised. This can be set up and monitored over time but is essentially passive in that you 'bait your hook' and wait for the fish (customers) to find it.

Driving – Social marketing requires a business strategy.  This is more active and means that other activities online raise interest where customers can see and this has the effect of driving visitors to see your site who would never have found you otherwise.

Drivers (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc) send visitors (traffic) to your website to take action to engage with the business.

1    A system to convert visits into sales
2    A policy for Social Media use

Ongoing Maintenance    

Website – Needs Service Just Like Your Vehicles – Make Sure You Have A Web Mechanic! Some things that need to be altered will be behind the scenes - on your website in the background, not visible to you but very visible to the search engines. If you are not doing this yourself you need to make sure your web developer understands this critical function. Many don't.

Remember just like when you buy a mower – you mow the grass, yet it keeps on growing.  On the internet things change too so you must tend to your website and maintain it to keep good position as Google changes their algorithm and as other competitors improve their web performance!

Three Reasons We Go To A Website

It's been said, there are just 3 reasons people use the internet
•    To be entertained
•    To solve a problem
•    To research a product

Your content should always aim to accomplish at least one of these things for visitors to your site.

Your website needs basic functionality to do these things.
1    Be found by the people who can be customers
2    Address the things that interest them and let them know what they need to know to buy from you
3    The means and a way to buy from you that is clear and accessible.

Search Engine Friendly + People Friendly   
The best search engine optimisation ensures that the pages are optimal for people reading them too. There is no value in your site being found and then leaving visitors wanting information or lost in the site with no clear way to find the information they are seeking, or the site is not friendly to use and to buy from.


1    Ensure that your website conforms to basic standards of quality in terms of layout, content and optimised for search engines, and for people to satisfy their reason for being there. NOTE – Many websites FAIL to do this!
2    Make available interesting content that relates to your product or service and showcases your expertise and ability to do what you say you can do –
a.    Basic page layout and content
b.    Your BLOG which allows you to add information easily and updated to satisfy customers unspoken questions and keep content fresh for Google (see point 1)
c.    Be present and available where your customers are spending time (EG. Facebook  as a BUSINESS page attached to your personal page, linked back to your WEBSITE)

3    Know what the marketplace thinks about your business and your competition –  that means research and that's a key component for getting good results on search and for your online reputation management.
4     A policy for social media use in your business sets guidelines and prepares employees ( and employers!)  to understand the guidelines and prepares the way for staff to help promote your business and not damage it.

Summing Up

The question is no longer whether business should be online.

Who owns the top position online that you want for what you do?
What can you improve now in your strategy for Fishing and Driving visits to your website?

Your business online is an integral part of your business. Be smart! Make everything you do in your business online and offline support and reinforce everything else you do within the business.
Your website - supports the business -  supports the website - supports the business.

 How do you find keeping up with changes to search?

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