Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas But No Sign Of The Kids

Merry Christmas! Did Someone Steal All The Children? I celebrated Christmas at my brother's house this year. First Christmas I've been in Australia for some years now and as I drove to his house, something started to puzzle me. No children to be seen anywhere. In the course of our day celebrating, I brought this up at the table, and another guest confirmed that she'd noticed too. No kids where she lived either. No noisy christmas carols blaring out, scarce movement on the streets at all. Not at all the scenes that I remembered from childhood, or even the childhood of my child. Where were the kids testing out their bicycles? Where were the kids tossing balls or hitting them with their new cricket bats, and ending up rolling onto the road? The memories that I associate with Christmas is kids playing and laughing (and the odd crying) testing out their new presents and showing them off to the other kids, and having a marvellous time. Surely not every present given to children involves being cocooned inside the house? What if that is the reason? Have we really arrived at the place where there is nothing 'outside' for children to do any more? No adventures. No fresh air. Worse... Are our kids going to lose the ability to self entertain and make fun for themselves without a screen in front of them? Thinking Of Getting A Business Coach? Lindy Asimus Design Business Engineering Download your free 24 Page Action Plan Marketing Workbook! Subscribe to Actionbites Blog