Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Conscious Life

Reading a blog today on TeamCircle by member Brian Francis on the question Do You Eat Till You Feel Full? put me in mind of all the different ways that we can move through a day on 'autopilot' without paying the slightest heed to what we are doing, or feeling, or causing in the way of future problems we may be setting up for ourselves.

Some areas where we may be oblivious to our actions are:

Not knowing how to differentiate between feeling hungry, or feeling something else

Not having a mechanism that works to identify when we have had sufficient to eat.

Not having a mechanism that works to identify when we've had enough alcohol.

Not paying attention to the fact that we are eating when we are gobbling down food.

Not savouring the food that we eat. (There are no prizes for finishing first!)

Not noticing when people are trying to gain our attention.

Not listening, when we ask a question, for the answer.

Not noticing when our body is telling us we are putting on weight, or engaging in activities that are having a poor effect on our health.

Not attending to bills when they come in, or the rising amount we owe on credit.

Sometimes it is more subtle and can be an inattention to understanding what are our true core values, and creating our life around the principles that truly matter to us.

Other times, it is entering relationships that are not rewarding to us - or even contributing to the failure of a relationship to thrive, through inattention and self-serving actions and expectations.

A life is a terrible thing to waste. Sleepwalking through life is wasting the opportunity.

No wonder the Buddha was so moved by becoming Awake.

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