Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Keep An Eye On Gran - Hi Tech Help

I was reminded again this morning how valuable technology has become in our lives, and in some unexpected ways, as I looked at Teddy Towncrier's blog on How Camera Saves Mother's Life - long distance! (See Herb's story).

Working with business owners who are in that Baby-boomer generation and facing the responsibilities and concerns of watching over parents in their twilight years, I know how worrisome it can be for them... and in practical terms the strain it can add to their burden, balancing the needs of their business, and their own lives, with overseeing care for elderly parents.

The idea of the Granny Cam is a brilliant example of how technology can improve communication channels with elderly parents, and allow an easy way to keep an eye on the wellbeing of those we love, even when we can't physically be there every day to check on them. The likely additional benefit - is that some will be able to continue to remain in their own treasured home, a little longer than might have been the case. Having watched my own mother move through the system of progressive aged care facilities, I know how important that is to maintaining dignity and wellbeing in our elderly.

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Unknown said...

Hi Lindy.

With a bit of conniving .... I think it would be possible to sneak a hidden wireless cam in to an eldercare room and keep an eye on what's really going on.