Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Your Gift To Self

The days are flying by and the Twitterverse is full of
chitchat about things Festive.

This would be my gift to you.

As the big search goes on for gifts to buy, and ideas
on ways to indulge over the holidays, I am holding a
tiny candle out to Hope and wishing for all those who
are caught up in the gift-giving frenzy to take a little
time out and think about how they might give themselves
a gift for the new year.

The kind of gift that is useful not just for a day, but
for a lifetime.

What kind of gift would that be?

The gift that means that we learn more, understand more
fully, are able to get in touch with what is meaningful
to us, and adds to our resolve to achieve those things
that are truly worth striving for in life.

Investing the time and energy and resources (money) that
will allow us to improve our business skills, our
personal skills and develop the skills to enhance all
kinds of relationships that are rewarding wherever we go,
is a gift of the first order. A gift to self... and a gift
to all who enter our personal orbit.

Learn about yourself
Review your beliefs about what's important
Discover what are your core values
Let go of what holds you back
Discipline yourself
Do the right thing, for only the right reason
Encourage others
Get your life on track
Deal with what you've put off
Enjoy what you have
Eliminate that which you don't need
Understand that you are not who you were
Know that you can do more than you thought possible
Stop making excuses
Be the person you have the potential to be

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Catherine White said...

I like the rhythm in your writing, this list of to dos for the self reads like a poem.

Nice ...

lindyasimus said...

Thanks for your kind comment Catherine. That means a lot coming from you.